reset password for matrix/synapse accounts

Sadly Matrix/Synapse still lacks a AdminUI (issue #2032) but Users still tend to forget their passwords.

Create Hash

Log on to your matrix account and download the hash_password script. Make it executeable and run it to create a new hash for a password.

root@matrix:~# ./hash_password -p trustno1 

Backup Database

Go to your location where your sqlite Database is located, stop the synapse server and make a backup first.

root@matrix:~# cd /var/lib/matrix-synapse
root@matrix:/var/lib/matrix-synapse# service matrix-synapse stop
root@matrix:/var/lib/matrix-synapse# cp homeserver.db homeserver.db.bkp

Set Password

Log in to your sqlite3 database.

root@matrix:/var/lib/matrix-synapse# sqlite3 homeserver.db

Have a Check of the already created users.

sqlite> select * from users;

Set the Hash for the User and exit.

sqlite> UPDATE users SET password_hash='$2b$12$TDvI.fxdmTDA64jO657mm.SFzoq6Xs4Fvf2XWQl7G8otiPrcr6s5m' 
  WHERE name='';
sqlite> .exit

Restart Matrix

root@matrix:/var/lib/matrix-synapse# service matrix-synapse restart

That’s it, should be working fine.


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